The View From Here

What is the View From Here?

It is the way we look at life from where we are standing, where we have come from and where we think we are headed.  Even when you are standing right next to a person the view from where you are is different from where they stand.

My life carried me into many different circles of people.  Every time I enter a new circle I find that they have come together because of a similar priority or goal.  People from all different backgrounds and perspectives connect with one another just because they hold something dear to their heart.   My priority in life is to be out on a river or mountain.  Most of my close friends hold similar priorities.  Our lives are, for lack of a better term, consumed by the need to kayak and ski, but each and every one of us looks at it from a different place.  Even with the same all consuming love, we each have a different view from where we stand.

 How do you see it?